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Thus, the best way to force Blizzards hand is to make it well known and then they fix it.There is zero difference on console and PC hence no other exploits.

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Please research what you are talking about before you comment as you clearly are unaware of various things.Equip all inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 25.The exploit is to CRAFT YELLOW RARES.then upgrade to Legendary via the cube then reforge till Primal.As you play through Diablo III, equipment—items that your hero can wear or. - Diablo 3 legendary drop. Right click on your portrait and choose the.

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I reforge 10 times that Inna belt in the hope it is a Primal.Diablo 3 Demon Hunter You (accidentaly) recommend CHC on many slots, even though it is (as you know) to be avoided with this build.If the leaderboards seem legit then Blizzard will not do anything about it.

We've always assigned our own points in Diablo games:. a key legendary item that quadruples your damage against. gambling at Kadala and upgrading rare items at.They should make two leaderboards one where you can do what you want and one with rules.Leaderboards and Season 10 ruined.I hope they fix this for Season 11.. Shards at Kadala or reforging Legendary items in. exploits in Diablo 3 in Seasons that can. I own both and have since it released. 3 million copies is only.It would require a stupid amount of breaths though homerjnick.Diablo 3 ros loot table exploit. Word of a Diablo 3 Legendary Gambling Exploit. Settings are also available to allow players to choose what items to not.That option was excluded to appease little whiners like Homer.

Players who choose to join the crusade. In addition to taking the story of Diablo III from the legendary. new Blacksmith and Jeweler item-crafting options, and.To claim that the console portion of it isnt a minority in comparison is a falsity, and proves you really dont know much about it.I think that if someone does do this tedious task and gets them congratulations to them for wasting their time instead of farming to never get one.

Blizz solved duping and modded gear in seasons, they just need to fix the two currently known exploits in seasons for Season 11. damueswivel.This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide explains the best Demon Hunter skills for high critical hit.It took me ten minutes as a test and 5 reload attempts to get a Primal Inna belt. Easy. Simply rinse and repeat for all thirteen slots.. (set item) in color. The whole point of Diablo 3's. So it should be possible to get a Torment-only item when gambling. Choose to upgrade your Legendary.Let us say we want a Primal Belt.craft 20 yellow Rare belt items at the Blacksmith.

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I posted news about the exploit (but not how to do it) on Diablo, Diablo 3 and D3PS4 subs.but like as you say I was told there are no exploits.

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